In this video I’m going to run you through how to draw a diamond step by step, super easy.
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My equipment
In this tutorial I’ll be using a Mac Book Pro 17 inch, a Wacom Intuos and Adobe Illustrator.

Drawing the outlines of the diamond
Here we are in illustrator. I am set up on A4 size art board. I’m first going to do the outlines of the diamond, just like so. Then I am going to do the interior of the diamond. Just do that line from there to there. I think these edges are called caveats. I’m not sure if they are called caveats, but I think they are called caveats, which is kind of a weird word, so I’m drawing the caveats if that’s what they’re called. Hope they are, as I’ve been going on about it for a long time and that’s our diamond. I’m just going to thicken up that edge, so it’s slightly thicker and I’m also going to just do a sparkle, so I’m going to do a circle. Then I am going to go to distort and transform pucker and bloat. I’m going to make a sparkle about, a bit more that’s okay. Then I’m going to expand that and then with illustrator, if I click this selection tool, you can round the edges, so I just want to round the edges a little bit. I like that rounded edge vibe and there’s one sparkle.

Coloring the diamond
So to start with on the colors, I’m just going to color the whole thing up. First I’m going to do the background, which is going to be this navy blue here, so I will just select that. Eyedropper it and send it to back. Then next I’m going to do the line work just turn that into white. Then this sparkle, I’m going to color this light blue and reduce it a little bit, which is going to be, where’s it going to be. Just have a couple of different sizes. One can go there, one can go. Then next, I’m going to color the diamond, which is a pretty easy task to do, so I’ll start off with this blue color and just color this up.

The corner’s got a bit of a bend in it, so Ill just tweak that and then copy and paste that bad boy and reflect it and send both of those to back and then bring them forward one, and then next I’ll do a slightly lighter blue. Send that to back and copy and paste. Bring it forward one and then next we’ve got two more colors, so we’re going to use this, just tweak that and then I think these diamonds should all be around the same size. Sorry, I mean these triangles should all be about the same size, so copy and paste that in front. Copy and paste that in front for that one. Then send them all to the back, bring them forward one. Then next just going to copy and paste that in front. Oops. Evolve it round so it’s upside down and then make that lighter. Then select both two, send them to back and just bring them forward one, and there we have our beautiful, beautiful diamond. Here are the colors we’ve used and here’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful diamond. I love it.
Let’s see what these look like just outlined. Nah. Interesting. Nah, they look better solid, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial.

I hope this video has helped you in how to draw a diamond step by step, super easy. You can download our free textile design cheat sheet. The link is in the description. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. If you are going to subscribe, make sure you press that bell icon that comes up after you subscribe and you’ll get notified. We try to publish videos every week, so stay tuned for that. Feel free to like this video and share with your friends and comment in the comments, what shape you would like me to do a tutorial on next. I will see you in the next video. See ya.

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