In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to draw a rose step by step super easy.
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My equipment
In this tutorial, I’ll be using a MacBook Pro 17-inch, a Wacom Intuos, and Adobe Illustrator. Drawing the outside line with the paintbrush in Illustrator. Drawing the inside lines with the paint brush in Illustrator. Coloring the rose in Illustrator.

Okay, now we’re going to get started and color the rose. First up, I’m going to head over to … This is the magic wand, but I want the magic wand on this side so I can set the tolerances. I’ve got two different line weights, so I’m going to set the line weight to … That’s good, and that will just allow me to select the outside lines, like that.

What I’m next going to do is copy those outlines, so copy and then paste in front, and then I am going to expand appearance, which expands the outline into a shape. Then, with the pathfinder, I’m going to make that shape into one shape by itself. Then, I am going to select the outline, not the inside line but the outline, of that, and delete it, which leaves the shapes inside. Then I’m going to color it. RGB. There we have our rose. Just going to send that to back.

Now, we’re going to do the inside lines. So, just select those. I’m going to turn … I’ve already got the red there, so I’m just going to turn it to red, and do it slightly darker, because it’s the shade. And there we have our rose, but we just need to do the leaves. So, going to select the red and go to … Because of the way I changed it into a shape, it’s gone and made it into a compound path, so you have to release the compound path to get individual shapes, to change the color of it. So, I’m going to change those leaves there to green, and then change the shade to the green as well. And there we have our beautiful, beautiful rose.

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