I’m gonna run you through how to make a pattern in Photoshop.
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My equipment
In this tutorial, I’ll be using a MacBook Pro 17 inch, a Wacom Intuos, and Photoshop.

Set up your artboard
Okay then. These are the flowers that we’re gonna be using for this repeat, but first, we’re gonna set the document up. So I’m gonna set up a new document, and it’s gonna be 30 centimeters by 30 at 300 DPI. So we’ve got a decent sized artboard to start with, and then what we’re gonna do is create a … The repeat is gonna be 10 by 10, so I’ve got up here, normally it would be on normal, and I’m gonna do a fixed size box, and then I’m just gonna click on the artboard, then I’m gonna get the guides.

So you go into the ruler and put the guides to the edge of that box, and then this will set up an area for our repeat. And deselect, and that’s what we have. I will just get the flowers from this document. I select all the layers and just drag them in, and there we are. I’m just gonna resize them at about the size that we’re gonna do the repeating. And we’re ready to start the repeat.

Arrange your repeat pattern design
Okie dokie. To start with arranging our elements, I’m just gonna arrange the edges just to start off with. That’ll go about there. That’s not an edge, but that’s … This’ll go, just get the spacing right. I’m gonna select all them. Duplicate. I’m gonna put that one there. Put another one there. So these two, I’m just gonna also select these two, duplicate them. And thenCommand transform. Command T, and then add 10, because the repeat size is 10, so that’s 13. That’s in the right place. Apply. Transform.

Then this one here, the spacing’s out, so let’s just move that one to there. Just move that to a better location. And I just wanna move this one a bit as well, because the spacing just needs a bit more. Okay, so next I’m gonna select these two with the autoselect selected, then I’m gonna duplicate the layers, and at 10. So Command T, and add 10 so that they go to the right edge.

But these two are, now these two are too close together, so what we’ll do is we’ll move these. This one here. So go to autoselect, select these two, and because they’re in exactly the same, they’re in quite a good position, there we go. And next, let’s just arrange the center so the spacing is right. And duplicate that one again, and put it round there like that, and maybe just make it a little bit smaller. Bring this one down, just so we’ve got that little tiny bit of difference. And then what’s … We’ve got three of those there. I’m gonna use this one, duplicate that one, and just reduce it a little bit. Now we’ve got, like, the repeat is quite, the spacing is quite good.
Making the repeat in Photoshop. So all I need to do now is put all these elements in a folder. This is what I normally do, and then I’m gonna duplicate the group, the folder, and then I’m gonna press Command E, and it’ll flatten that folder. Then all I need to do to get my repeat is go back to the selection tool, the fixed size, 10 by 10, and click on the guide that we’ve already got there, copy it, and so I copied it, and then I hid the layer, and I’m gonna paste it, and that’s our repeat, it’s set.

So I just have to snap to guides, and if I snap to the guides, it will do it on the guides, like select on the guides, and what I’ll do is duplicate this layer. Deselect that. And then just pull it to the left, to the right sorry, and it will snap to the guides, and then duplicate both layers, and it will snap again. Then if I press Command, I think it’s colon, then there you have your repeat.
Adding a background to the repeat pattern. If I wanna add a background, I just uncheck these and put the guides back. All I need to do to add a background is basically just follow my guides, send this to the back, and make it black. Now it looks sick. Maybe make it navy, like, a navy would be sick. There we go, and then all I have to do is with my two layers, is press Command E, and that’ll flatten them, and then I can just duplicate this, and then duplicate it again. There we are, without the guides, a perfect repeat.

So now you know how to make a pattern in Photoshop. Roam free, young pattern designers. Go create the patterns to your hearts’ content, beautiful patterns of lots of many different colors. Be good. Yeah. You can download our free textile design cheat sheet, the link is in the description. Be sure to subscribe, and press the bell icon that comes up afterwards, so you get notified every time we publish a video. We’re trying to publish every week a new video for you. Be sure to like this video. Share it, and in the comments, if you’d like an Illustrator or Photoshop tutorial, tell me what you’d like to see next. I will see you in the next video. See ya.

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