I’m going to walk you through Illustrator’s Round Corners.
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My equipment
My equipment. In this tutorial, I’ll be using a Macbook Pro 17″, a Wacom Intuos, and Adobe Illustrator.

Using Live Corners Illustrator CC
So, let’s start here in Illustrator CC. We have a square. I’m just going to select the square, and you’ll notice in the corners, in each of the corners, there’s a round circle. If you click and drag the corners or one of the corners, you can effectively take that all the way down to a circle, increase and decrease the radius of the corners.

Another way to do this is if you want to change the corners individually, you can use the direct selection tool and just select a point and increase or decrease the corner with individually. Another way to do this is to select your object and then head down to Transform. You can change the corners individually here by set amounts.

So if I wanted to change the top left to, say, 20 mill. We’ve done that, and then, we can change the bottom right to 40 mill. Let’s add 10 to everything. There you go. That’s how you use Illustrator’s Round Corners.

Using Round Corners Effect
If you’re using Illustrator CS6 or earlier, you won’t have this live corner function. That only came in with Illustrator CC. So if I select the square, you can do it this way. If you go up to Effects, select your object, and got to Stylize, and Round Corners, you can increase all of the corners at the same time just like that.

So if you want to round corners individually in CS6 or earlier, this is the technique I use to do it. So, all I’m going to do is head up to the Scissors tool and cut this square up. Then, I’m going to select each section and go to Effect, Stylize, and Round Corners.
I’m going to do the first one 10 mill. Let’s do this one 30 mill, and do this one 5 mill. Then next, I’m going to just leave this one as a corner. Then next, I would select all of them and expand appearance. Then next, all I’m going to do is select each section and to make this back into a whole object, all I’m going to do is select each of the points and go to Command J.

There you have a complete object with irregular corners. Now, I hope this video has helped you in how to use Illustrator’s Round Corners effect. You can download our free textile design cheat sheet. The link is in the description. Be sure to comment, subscribe, and like. Remember, if you’re going to subscribe, press the bell icon to get notified of our new videos. I will see you in the next video. Peace.

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